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Pancake Mix (500g)

The Dispensary Pancake Mix (500g)

£6.95 per pack

Original Recipe

The Dispensary's Pancake original recipe mix for you to make at home. Each 500g pouch has enough mix for 12 delicious pancakes.


Wheat flour, calcium, iron, vitamin B3, vitamin B1, calcium carbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate & cast sugar.
ALLERGENS: Contains wheat, may contain soya.

How to make pancake batter

1. Add to pancake mix 3 eggs and 390ml of milk 2. Whisk 3. Heat a splash of oil on a frying pan 4. Add pancake batter 5. Cook one side until brown 6. Flip and cook other side - and you're done! The batter can be kept in fridge for three days.